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Promises: Freedom


This Sunday night, we're wrapping up our Promises series we've been working through all summer. This series has been a great opportunity to not only read and hear about the life of Jesus, but to watch a film adaptation of it, as well. Despite the occassional inaccuracy, it's been a great benefit to the visual learners among us.

This weekend, we'll watch how the Apostles decide what to do, and how to pursue Jesus (even to their deaths). They were left with a choice to make, and we're left with a choice, as well. We must ask ourselves: "Now what?" Now that we've come face-to-face with the message and love of Jesus, we have to decide if it's going to impact our lives, or if we'll treat it like it's merely a good story.

We've been given the freedom to follow God. How's that going to look for you?

See you there!!


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