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Upcoming Series: Promises


The Bible is split into to parts: The Old Testament, and the New Testament. The word "testament" can be a bit confusing, if you haven't been around church. It means "covenant," which is not as helpful as it should be. The real meaning of the words "testament" and "covenant" is a binding promise. One that is intended to be kept, no matter the circumstances.

Over thousands of years, God has made some binding promises to his people. He promised Noah and the animals from the ark that he would never again flood the earth. He promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that their family would be his special people, a chosen nation of priests among the rest of the earth. He also promised his chosen people that they would play a key role in the blessing of all people all over the world.

Ultimately, God has been faithful to his promises and his people. He has kept his word, and has continued to bless the world. We find the total fulfillment and keeping of God's promises in the person of Jesus Christ. That pivotal moment, when God stepped into his own creation.

We're going to spend the summer looking at some of the promises that God has made, and discovering how Jesus fulfills that promise. Come join us, and find out what promises God's word has in store for you.

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