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We realize that our world can be very overwhelming and it is the desire of Wildwood Christian Church to be a place that puts  . . .

Life in Focus!


What are we doing?

Connecting our distracted community into a life focused on Jesus.
Here is Doug's message in which he shares our mandate.

Why are we doing it?

Additional information on the above values.

How are we doing it?

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Worship Icon

 WORSHIP: focused heart - every week I must focus on Jesus in worship

 Small Group Icon  SMALL GROUPS: focused relationships - every week I must focus on Jesus in community
 Service Icon  SERVING: focused impact - every week I must focus on Jesus through serving others
FOCUS EACH DAY: each day I focus my life on Jesus


When are we successful?  When we ... 

  • SEEK CHRISTWhat am I doing to get to know Jesus better?
  • TRUST GOD - Am I saying "yes" to God in every area of my life?
  • LIVE SELFLESSLY Am I putting the needs of others above myself?
  • INFLUENCE FOR JESUS Is my life helping others know Who Jesus is?
  • TRANSFORMED HEART Where is Jesus changing me?
  • UNDER ACCOUNTABILITY - Who can ask me the tough questions?

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