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Applications for the 2018 Fall season is now available!

Tine slots are assigned using the followsing criteria:

• First Priority: Church members or people affiliated with church who are part of a team who had used the field last year.

• Second Priority: Church members or affiliates who are part of the team who are requesting field for first time.

• Third Priority: Teams with no church affiliation.

Your check will not be cashed until you have received a time slot.

Once we make the initial assignment of fields for the year, any remaining openings will be assigned based on a first-come-first-served basis. Please understand that it is inevitable that we will have conflicts when assigning time slots. We will do our best to accommodate all choices, but you may not get what you like.

2018 Fall Field Application and Rules (you must print out the application and either bring it in or mail to the church office along with your check)

2018 Fall Time Slots - the yellow time slots are what is available. Please not the field will not be available on October 28.