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2024 Family Retreat. We will be traveling to Kentucky for the Ark Encounter.

Here is a link to their website to check out what the Ark Encounter encounter is all 

Due to the distance, the trip will be two nights, January 12-14. I chose these dates because Rockwood is dismissed on January 12 and 15. This might not work for some, but I had to decide what would work best for most people.


 The Church is renting a 15-passenger van to take families to Kentucky. There are 13 spots available (2 are taken- for me and an alternate driver). Those from the WCC Family Ministry will have priority in the van.  6th grade and up will be able to attend this trip without a parent, but those younger will need at least one parent or guardian to attend.


This trip will require a lot of walking. To go on this trip, we ask that you be able to handle the physical demand. We will have a lot to cover in one day.

On July 12, we will arrive at the ARK at 9 a.m. and tour until 2 p.m.  The Hotel has an indoor pool, so don't forget to pack the swimsuits.

We are asking families to cover the cost of their food and two nights in the hotel. The cost of the hotel for two nights is $200. As usual, the Church will cover the cost of tickets to the ark and also the cost of the Van being rented.


If you do not have any kids or students going on the trip, in addition to your hotel and food costs, you will be responsible for the cost of your tickets.

Adults- 18-59 $46.95

Seniors- 60+ $40.95

Also, please note that those with kids and students will have priority in the Van being rented.

 There will be a mandatory meeting after Church on January 7 for all those going on the trip. This will give you any final information you need before we leave on January 12.

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