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Question: What if I doubt my faith?


Everyone experiences doubts, from time to time. We can doubt other people, we can doubt the truthfulness of a story we hear, or we can even doubt our own abilities.

We've all been there. I think we've all doubted in the realm of faith, too. Whether it's a big doubt, or a little doubt, we all have experienced the same struggle.

Sometimes, we doubt God. We doubt his plan, his capabilities, his truthfulness, or his interests. We think some of the things we've read about in the Bible might be too far-fetched to be credible. But, don't give up.

Sometimes, we doubt our standing before God. We doubt whether or not we are saved, if we ever were saved, if we can lose that salvation, or if we've messed up one too many times. It can be hard to live in these mortal, sinful bodies, and believe that God loved us enough to give us such grace and mercy. But, don't give up.

Join us this Sunday night, as we look into the Scriptures to find out how we can deal with some of our doubts: Trust!

See you there!!

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