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Give Hope: Who Needs Hope?


Have you ever been to Disneyland? Did you go through the It’s a Small World ride? Even if you’ve never been,I bet you have that song stuck in your head now (sorry about that). The song is so simple, and so profound. You could probably count, pretty easily, a handful of times that your path has crossed someone else’s in an interesting way, and you had to admit to yourself it is, indeed, a small world. I think that’s on purpose. And, I think God has his hand at work in those “small world” moments, with a reason.

When we think of “giving hope,” usually the picture of a homeless person, or someone in really dire straits, comes to mind. But, Jesus isn’t just the hope that needy people need. He’s the hope that everybody needs; whether you’re rich or poor, young or old, black or white, and the list could continue! Jesus is the hope of the whole world, not just the people we perceive as needing something.

This Sunday night, we’re exploring the story of Lydia, from Acts 16. We’ll trace through some of the connections that take place between Paul, Luke, and Lydia. We’ll examine how God led all of them to Give Hope in their own unique ways and contexts. We’ll come away resolved that: Wherever worlds collide, we give hope.

See you there!!

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