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Upcoming Series: Stronger


What's the worst injury you've ever sustained? For me, it was probably the third time I tore the ACL in my left knee. I was skateboarding with some students after a church event, and I knew I should have been wearing my brace. But, I wasn't. And, it snapped. Again. I still need to get that surgery to fix it...

As much as there was physical pain from that injury, there was also plenty of emotional hurt that went along with it. The limited mobility, the lower activity level, and the recurring joint pain have taken a toll on me.

Life hurts sometimes. If you haven't already experienced it, there will be a day when you'll encounter pain, failure, or loss. Sometimes the hurt we feel happens because of something we do, or something that is done to us, or something that is no one's fault at all.

In this 4-week series, we'll talk about how, when life hurts, or goes wrong, or doesn't make sense, these things are true: Jesus can redeem what's gone wrong, God can be trusted, God gives us each other, and God helps us persevere.

See you there!!

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