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One Saturday Morning


Remember when Saturday morning cartoons were the highlight of your week? I would wake up as early as I could, just so I might get to the remote control before my brother or sister. I would sit on the couch, eat cereal, and lounge in the glow of of the soft blue TV light.

As we grow older, we're supposed to grow out of "being childish." We watch things that are more suitable to older viewers, we spend time with our friends doing "big kid" activities, and we learn more advanced skills in school.

Yet, Jesus tells us that our faith is supposed to be like that of a little child. That those kids are a critical piece to the Kingdom of Heaven. How can these two concepts fit together.

This Sunday night, June 5th, let's celebrate some of the new students we have joining us! We'll be kicking our feet up, enjoying some good ol' fashioned cartoons, and talk a little about what it means to have a child-like faith.

See you there!!

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