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Upcoming Series: Unbelievable


We've all experienced doubt from time to time. I doubt if I'll be able to get this assignment done. You may doubt if this job opportunity is too good to be true. We, collectively, can doubt if our society is making the right decisions or not.

We may not like to admit it, but we all have questions and doubts about our faith, too. These doubts seem more foundational. More important. There's more skin in the game. Your faith matters. And, if some of that faith is called into question, or if you experience some doubts, your whole faith system can be called into question pretty quick.

This March, we'll help our students see that our doubts and questions don’t have to destroy our faith, but refusing to talk about them might. For the next four weeks, our students will wrestle with their doubts by voicing their questions, understanding their perspective is limited, remembering how Jesus has transformed their lives, and considering why they followed Jesus in the first place.

See you there!!


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