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Upcoming Series: Through The Fire


Think about any difficult season in life you made it through. Perhaps it was a job loss, the loss of a loved one, a close relationship ending, moving to a new city, or any number of other things.

Most adults have seen their fair share of tough times. And, during those times, most of us have discovered that our friends play an important role during those critical times. Those nearest to us can have a large impact on how well we recover (or sometimes don't) from the trials of life.

If you tried to define “friendship” based only on what you see on Instagram, you might think #friendship was all about group hugs, selfies with your bestie, or tagging each other in your favorite memes. But real friendship isn’t so picture perfect.

In this 4-week series, our students will be challenged to build the kind of friendships that go beyond the surface – the kinds of friendships they'll need when times get tough. We'll look at three key friendships as Scripture, as well as the friendship God offers us through Jesus, as our students see that Godly friendships can shape us, heal us, and purify us – especially during difficult times.

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