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Upcoming Series: The Invite


Can I be honest? Sometimes, it's hard to be a follower of Jesus. We don't always get it right. At times, it's hard even to know what it is supposed to be. Even when we do get it right, it can feel like we've taken one step forward and two back.

But, there's good news! We don’t have to figure this all out on our own. God's right there with us. The truth is, being a follower of Jesus is way more about God working on us than it is about us getting better. He promises us that if we show up, he'll show up. If we simply ask him to work in our lives, he's dependable. He'll keep up his end of the deal. All we have to do is send the invite.

During the months of September and October, we're joining with the adult morning services, adult small groups, and even our Kid's Ministry. Together, we're diving deep into what it looks like to be someone living a life focused on Jesus. Together, let's find out what God is inviting us to take part in, and let's invite him into our lives.

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