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My wife got me a telescope for Christmas once. That's been one of my favorite gifts I've ever received. I use it regularly, and it's stoked a passion for exploring this amazing universe we live in. The first night I took it out, I randomly pointed the thing toward whichever bright objects I could find. All the stars looked pretty similar. But, then, I found Jupiter.

I couldn't see a whole lot of detail, but I could see dim stripes on the planet, and four bright moons rotating around it. I was struck dumb by the complexity and beauty of what God had made. In that moment, I felt more connected to God's creation than I had ever before. I knew I had a place in it, and God has a place for me in his story.

With so many incredible stories to explore in the Bible, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that God has been telling one singular story since the beginning of time, from His creation, to our sin, to the good news of Jesus, to our mission today.

In this 4-week series, our students will discover the big story of God, their place in that story, and how they can share that story with others.

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