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Upcoming Series: Passed Over


We read about the Passover feast all throughout the Bible. Moses started the thing. Jesus attends a bunch of feasts. This was an important celebration in the early Christian church, as well. This meal, festival, and celebration have a rich history, yet we typically move right past it.

During the month of April, leading up to Easter, we’ll be studying Passover from a couple different perspectives. What was it like for Moses to watch God institute this new ritual in the midst of plagues and the Exodus? What was going through Jesus’ head as he celebrated his first, second, and last Passovers? What place does the Passover play for Christians today?

We’ll conclude this series by celebrating a real, traditional Passover Seder meal on April 13. The meal will help us all get a feel for what this celebration was actually like, what Jewish people have experienced over thousands of years, and what Jesus meant when he instituted the “Last Supper.”

Come join us for a new perspective on this ancient celebration. See you there!!

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