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Upcoming Series: After You


In a culture obsessed with selfies, celebrities, money, and success, it’s not difficult to understand why so many of us struggle with being a little self-centered at times. Even the "American Dream" is built upon the ideals of independence, self-sufficiency, and personal success. So much of the media (internet, television, music, etc.), the world, and even the influence of our friends and family today point us towards prioritizing ourselves over everything (and everyone) else.

But while "me first" may the norm for the rest of the world, Jesus showed us what it looks like to live a generous, compassionate, selfless, "after you" kind of life. The kind of life that demonstrates his "upside-down" Kingdom of God.

Over the next four weeks, we'll challenge students to move away from the world's "me first" attitude and embrace the "after you" message of Jesus by noticing needs, opening their hands, using their gifts, and sharing their joy.

See you there!!

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