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Show Me: how to treat others


Nobody likes to feel like they're in second place. Yet, we all know from firsthand experience what it feels like. It could be on a sports team, in your family, or with your friends. Sooner or later, we know the pain of being relegated to the shadows on account of somebody else.

No matter how clearly we know the pain, though, we have a nasty habit of doing exactly the same thing to others. We pick and choose who might be worthy of our love, acceptance, and mercy. We surround ourselves with people who look and act just like us, and pretend that others just don't exist.

This Sunday night, we're taking a hard look at James 2:1-13. The passage all about showing favoritism to some people at the expense of others. James is really clear that doing so is not only a sin, but it misses so much of what was important to Jesus. We are called to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Some people might naturally ask "Who is my neighbor?" Jesus makes it pretty clear. Everyone is your neighbor. Everyone is worthy of love.

See you there!!

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