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Question: Why does the Bible hate science?


We're living in a world that looks really favorably on the idea that humanity, and all other life, evolved from single-celled organisms which sprang into existence by chance millions of years ago. For most students, this is taught as fact in their science classes.

Given that context, it can be really challenging to embrace faith and to believe that there is a God who created humanity with a special purpose. It can be tough to believe that we are more than just matter and atoms. It can be really unpopular to confess that you don't quite believe everything that scientists claim.

Why can't the two sides of this complement each other? Why can't science agree with what the Bible says, and vice versa? Why do you have to choose your side and draw battle lines? Wouldn't it just be great if we could all come to a place where we get along?!

Join us this Sunday night, January 31 at 6pm! We'll talk about science. We'll talk about faith. We'll talk about life. Let's see if we can figure out how all of this fits together!

See you there!!

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