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Question: What is truth?


Now, more than ever, we're all faced with relativism. The idea:

That might be true for you, but it's not true for me.

- Like, Everybody

The thought that truth, morals, and even reality is all relative, depending on who you ask, is more popular than ever. How can you find your footing in your faith, when all your friends at school dismiss you and your ideas about the Bible.

Last Sunday night, we talked about the Bible (surprise, surprise, right?). We talked about the Bible's reliability, inspiration, and history. But, what if the people around you don't believe that there's anything that can be held as objectively true. How can you show them the Truths of Scripture, if they don't believe what the book says?

Join us this Sunday night, January 10th, 2016! We're continuing our The Question series, and we'll be talking about truth: If there is such a thing, how you can embrace it, and even how you can help your friends see it.

See you there!!

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So glad you're doing stuff like this for our students. Thanks for loving them as well as you do.

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