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Promises: Justice


I think everybody in this world feels like they have a pretty good sense of when justice is or isn't being delivered. We cringe when we see guilty people walk free from trial, and we get angry when we see everyday citizens taking justice into their own hands. Most people would even agree that the "justice system" in the United States could use some work.

If we've all got a deep sense of this cosmic justice, how do we view the last days of Jesus' life? He was betrayed, tried, and convicted of a crime overnight. How could that possibly have been just? Especially if he really was this rescuer that had been promised for so long.

We've been plugging away at our Promises series all summer long! We've been following the story of Jesus' life, and it's quickly coming to an end. This week, we watch the lead up to the crucifixion, and ask the question: How can this possibly be justice? How could this punishment fall on this good, righteous man?

Our good friend, Lenny Barber, will be joining us this week as our guest speaker. He's going to knock this out of the park, and our students will be blessed by the message he brings!

See you there!!