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Overwhelming Connection


Talk to God. Prayer is one of those habits that feels like it should be so easy to grasp, yet continues to be a struggle for most of us. Our words seem to bounce off the ceiling. We don’t even know what to pray, at times. We feel like our prayers go unanswered, too frequently.

This Sunday night, we’ll peek into the life of King David. He wrote most of the Psalms we have in the Bible. Over and over again, we see Him turn to God and talk with him through the trials of life. After a victory in battle, David talks to God. After a huge mistake, David talks to God. In the middle of running for his life, David talks to God. David’s connection with God overwhelmed his spirit, and changed his life.

We're also going to spend some time praying in different ways, and try to experience new ways of connecting with God. Does prayer still have the power to change our lives, and change our world?

See you there!

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