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Movie Night: Risen


Easter is creeping ever-closer! I love this time of year for a few reasons:

  1. I love ham, and this is really the only time of year that I get a chance to eat it!
  2. It always feels so great to win the Easter Egg Hunt, even if my kids think I should let them win.
  3. I can celebrate the one week of the year that I'm certain there is none of that Easter basket grass in my house. That stuff sticks around forever!!

Aside from those reasons, there's the obvious: family, rest, a day off from school. The list can go on forever.

Of course, we can't really avoid the real reason that we celebrate, can we? The whole reason that Easter is even a thing that exists: Jesus. We take this time of year to celebrate Jesus' resurrection and triumph over death. And, I love engaging in new ways to remember the life that Jesus lived, his death on the cross (which was all for you and me, by the way), and his miraculous comback from the grave!

So, this Sunday, March 20, 2016, we're going to take a trip to the movies! We're going to see Risen, and we're going to talk through some of the implications of what we watch. Did Jesus really come back to life? If so, what does that mean? Does it change anything for my life?

Bring money for a ticket, and any snacks you might want to buy. This is going to be such a great night, and I can't wait to see you there!!

Please Note: We'll be meeting at church, at the usual time (6:00pm). We'll be leaving promptly at 6:30, and we're carpooling to Wehrenberg in Chesterfield. The movie starts at 6:55pm, so youth group will end later than usual. I expect we'll be back at church around 9:30pm.

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