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Merry Christmas!!


So many of my favorite Christmas and holiday memories revolve around the wonderful memories of my family. There was the time my dad, grandpa, uncle, and brother had me chasing around my brand new remote control car in the street for about 15 minutes before I realized I could just grab the controller (I was pretty young). Or, the memory of taking Meals-On-Wheels to the shut-ins in the neighborhood on Christmas morning.

Then, there was the time my in-laws unofficially "adopted" a high school student from a rough part of town who had never experienced a real family Christmas. They poured out the blessing of joy, family, and love for this girl who had never experienced those things as a part of Christmas. They made a real difference in her life that year.

This Sunday night is Christmas. For pretty obvious reasons, we won't have any of our typical programming this week. The most important among those reasons is family. We believe that families should spend quality time together and they should celebrate important events together. This year, our students and parents are encouraged to put down the phone, tablet, computer, book, whatever, and join together to celebrate the season and celebrate each other.

Remember, Christmas is about so much more than presents, Santa Claus, and stressful family dinners. This year, try to keep the birth of our savior in central focus as you embark upon the busy-ness of the season.

Merry Christmas!!

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