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Give Hope: The Hope You Need


This life sure can feel hopeless at times. Whether we’re dealing with a to-do list a mile long, stress from friends or family, sickness, tragedy, loss, injustice, or any number of other things, life can feel overwhelmingly hopeless. Truthfully, that’s been the case since the beginning of history.

But the best news ever is that God has planned to make that right all along! Beginning with Abraham, all the way through today, and beyond, God is at work making this world hopeful again. Jesus is the centerpiece of that. He is our solid foundation, the binding that holds us together, and the hope to live another day. If you’re feeling hopeless and unstable, Jesus is the Cornerstone you’ve been looking for.

Join us this Sunday night, September 14 as we unpack what Jesus said about himself, and what his followers said, too. We’ll take a look at what we say about Jesus, and how that changes everything.

See you there!!