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Cool Story Bro: The Lost Son


I've been lost before, and I've been glad. Sometimes, finding yourself lost is a nice surprise. You can find a new place, learn something new, or just have an unexpected adventure.

Other times, I've been lost, and it's been terrifying. It could be a dangerous place you find yourself lost in. It could be an inconvenient time to be lost.

Being lost, whether it's under the best or worst circumstances, can have a life-changing impact.

In Luke 15, Jesus tells three famous stories about being lost. The lost sheep. The lost coin. And the lost son. All three drive at the same point. God is always looking for those who are far from him, and when they're found, he rejoices like nobody else!

The lost son is a little extra interesting because it's not really about one son that is lost. It's about two sons who are lost. Jesus shows us how you can be right at home, and still find yourself lost and homesick. Both of these brothers are lost, and it's only the love of their father that can find them.

This Sunday night, we'll unpack this story. We'll see how we've been lost, and how God is trying to find us. And, when we're found, how joyful the celebration is.

See you there!!

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