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Who Are You Following?

Current Sermon Series

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we follow a select group of people.  We follow friends and family we know.  Yet, we also follow people from whom we want to learn, laugh with, be inspired and influenced.  It is a perk of modern life, but who exactly are we following?

In this series, we are going to consider some folks from the pages of the Bible that you need to be following.  They learned to Focus Each Day in a way that radically transformed their choices.  We will look at David, Daniel and Joseph.  As we look at their lives we want to specifically ask, what can I learn and how can I move towards this Focus Each Day mindset?

 Follow Daniel As He Takes A Stand (Daniel 1)

Follow Daniel As He Faces Unjust Treatment (Daniel 2)

Follow Joseph As He Faces Temptation (Genesis 39)

Follow David As He Walks Through Great Pain (Psalm 3)

Follow David When He Is Desperate (Psalm 63)

   Link to this series' audio and sermon notes.