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Being Jesus to Whomever We Meet

This past year has forced us to come face to face with a reality, that many in our world see life very differently from us.  Whether it is their political viewpoint, their religious stance, their ethnic background, their philosophical position or their situation in life.  It becomes increasingly difficult to react and respond to those who are so different than us in a civil manner.  Especially when they seem to be belligerent, defiant, and even hateful in their response to us!

How are we as Christians to respond to those who are not like us?
Jesus often ministered to people considered outsiders to outcasts by society, including foreigners, disenfranchised social groups, or those suffering from illness or physical limitation.  We are going to spend the next few weeks studying where Jesus showed special care for the marginalized.  Let’s learn to be Jesus to whomever we encounter.

Jesus and Children | Jesus and the Gentiles | Jesus and the Poor | Jesus and the Samaritans | Jesus and Women

 Reading Plan through Luke

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