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The Church Quarantined

Sermon Series May 17 - June 7

We have entered into a whole new reality for much of our lives, including "church." For several weeks, we have been having "church" online, with no real end in sight. What does this mean for Wildwood Christian Church? What does this mean for you and me? Like many aspects of our lives, we are searching for a new normal. For the church, maybe the normal isn't what God really had in mind. Can we really have "church" if we cannot meet together? Many would say no ... but is church a building or is it something more significant? We are going to spend a couple of weeks stepping back and asking the question, when Jesus said, "I will build My church..." What did He mean? Let's talk about the purpose of the church and what that means to you.

The Church Is A Body, Not A Building | The Church Is Serving, Not Sitting

The Church Is About Connecting, Not Seclusion 

The Church Is About Sharing The Good News, Not Holding Onto The Status Quo

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