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Parent Information Deluge


BigStuf 2017 feels like it's coming right around the corner, and I'm so excited for this trip!! Let's get you some details.

Medical Release Forms

You will be required to submit two medical release forms. One, for Wildwood Christian Church. The other for BigStuf.

The WCC medical release can be found online here. You'll need to print this form out, complete it, and submit it to the church office no later than Friday, July 14th.

The medical release and consent form for BigStuf will be completed electronically. You will receive a separate email with instructions and access information for this consent form.

Remaining Balance Payments

If you did not make a payment in full at the time of registration, you can complete your payment online here. If you would rather pay by check or cash, you can bring that to the church office. Payment in full is due no later than Friday, July 14th.


Tentative Schedule

The itinerary for the BigStuf trip will look something like this:

  • July 16, 6:00pm* - Meet at church to worship together
  • July 16, 8:00pm - Load up the bus with bags and students
  • July 16, 8:30pm - Hit the road in the bus!
  • July 21, 12:30pm - Load up the bus to leave Panama City Beach
  • July 21, 1:00pm - Hit the road in the bus!
  • July 22, 5:00am - Arrive back at Wildwood Christian Church

The biggest piece of this that I'm unsure is the arrival time back at WCC. I'm working with our charter company to get a better idea of timing, and I will let you know as soon as I'm more certain of that.

* Please note, this is corrected. Earlier this was published as 7pm, which was incorrect.

Packing List

Here's a starter, suggested packing list for you to start with. At our parent's meeting, you'll get a more finalized version of this, but here are a few things to start thinking about now:

  • Enough clothes for 6 days. No spaghetti straps. Halters and shoulder covering must be 3 inches wide for tank tops.
  • At least one pair of jeans/capris, and a light jacket or hoodie.
  • Flip flops, tennis shoes
  • 2 bathing suits. Please keep modesty in mind.
  • 2 Beach towels, 2 bath towels
  • Toiletries, sunscreen, Bible, sunscreen, pens, sunscreen. Seeing the pattern? :-D

For both guys and girls: Please remember that you are a beloved child of God. Keep in mind the value that you hold, and choose modest clothing to reflect the honor that goes along with it.

Thank You!!

We so appreciate the opportunity to take this trip with your students. This trip has the potential to be life-changing, and we know that your students will walk away from this with something big! Thank you!

If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask!

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