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BigStuf Scholarship Application

We all know that summer activities can certainly take a toll on the family checkbook. Between sports, band, travel, and so many other events, it can add up so quickly! Unfortunately, that means that something may have to be cut from the starting lineup from your student's summer schedule.

Please don't let this camp make it to the cutting room floor. Camp can be such a valuable experience for students, and it can be a pivotal point in their relationship with Jesus. I whole-heartedly believe that BigStuf will be an experience for your student worth every penny!

If you think that BigStuf might be too much of a stretch for you, I'd love to bring two things to your attention:

2016 BigStuf scholarships are now available!

On Monday, I learned that BigStuf has a scholarship program. I didn't know this before, but I'm super-pumped about it! I'm told that they usually receive more applications than they can award, so it would probably be a good idea to get the application filled out and submitted sooner, rather than later :-)

More information is available on the scholarship application »

Financial Peace University starts in January!

Financial Peace University (FPU) gives you the tools you need to create a plan for your money. Often, when I find myself feeling stressed financially, it's because I haven't followed (or even created, sometimes) the plan.

If you experience the same stress, frustrations, and anxiety about your finances, I can't recommend FPU enough! My wife and I are signing up, and I'm confident it's going to help our marriage in more ways than just financially.

Sign up for FPU today »