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A short-term domestic mission trip, planned for July 12-14, will take families to the IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services) headquarters in Noblesville, Indiana. They will be concentraing on two main projects - shed components and food packing.  

Tornados, flood and fire victims rarely have a secure place to store their recovered belongings. So our mission team will be building wall components for substantial sheds that will be shipped and assembled to areas as the need arises. I.D.E.S. provides the funding for these supplies.

They will also be assembling nutritious meals that can be sealed and shipped to areas where famine, war or natural disaster have literally left starving people around the world. For a mere 17 cents per meal, they will pack a nutritious meal for a family of six.

If you would like to help with the purchase of supplies for this trip, please click here and scroll down to I.D.E.S. Mission Trip Supplies. This link will be available until July 4, 2018.